Darkfest 2017 approaches…

Not long now until Portsmouth finds itself enveloped in a month of darkness – the creative celebration of all things supernatural and sinister that is Darkfest. The full programme will be published soon, but in the meantime a few Darkfest events have already begun to creep out into the fading autumn light…

Cure or be Cured is inspired by the iconic fourteenth-century plague doctors who sought to cure those afflicted by the Black Death. This evening of spoken word, film projections and immersive theatre will take place in the atmospheric surroundings of Southsea Castle on 26 October, and tickets are available now.

Crime Fact, Crime Fiction is an afternoon of talks and performances featuring crime writers and criminologists comparing notes on local crimes and criminals, past and present. The scene of the crime will be Ashcroft Arts Centre, from midday to 4pm on Saturday 28 October, and tickets are on sale now.

There will also be stories and songs (and prizes for the best costume) at Day of the Dead V: Blood Runs Thicker, atmospheric tales responding to the theme of port towns at Dark Town, Port Town, and much more. Head over to the Portsmouth Darkfest Facebook page to see all the announced events, and look out for the full programme of more than 30 events, coming soon.


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