Supernatural Cities Blog

In the coming months, this blog will provide a space for members of the Supernatural Cities project to discuss their research and to reflect upon various aspects of the urban supernatural as it relates to their different academic fields.

More than this, we would like this blog to offer both researchers and creative practitioners the opportunity to engage with the project and to share their own perspectives.

Short original research articles are welcome, as are more creative or reflective pieces that explore the representation of urban heterotopias, otherness, haunting, estranging, the uncanny, enchantment, affective geographies, communal memory or the urban fantastical.

We are also keen to offer established researchers the chance to increase the readership of published work relevant to the themes of the Supernatural Cities project. So if you have an article or monograph that you would like to bring to the attention of new audiences, we are happy to publish posts that consist of an accessible précis of a piece of research, along with a link to the published work (preferably, although not necessarily, in open access form).

Full article submission guidelines will be available soon. In the meantime, to express interest in writing a piece for the Supernatural Cities blog please get in touch.